Ivan Puni

Ivan Puni was born in Kuokkala, Finland, to a family of Italian origins, the grandson of an eminent Italian composer, Cesare Pugni. His father, a cellist, insisted that he follow a military career, but Ivan instead decided to take private drawing lessons with Ilya Repin. By 1909, he had his own studio. Puni continued his formal training in Paris from 1910–11 at the Académie Julien and other schools, where he painted in a Fauvist style. Upon his return to Russia in 1912, he married fellow artist Ksenia Boguslavskaya. He made a second trip to Paris in 1914, returning to St  Petersburg in 1915. At this point, he began painting in a Cubist style reminiscent of Juan Gris. In 1915, Puni joined Supremus, the group founded by Malevich for the promulgation of Suprematism, first exhibited at the 0,10 Exhibition. He and Malevich co-authored the Suprematist Manifesto, published in 1916, which proclaimed a new, abstract art for a new historical era. >> Read more


Landscape outside St. Petersburg