Three Ukrainian Artists

Three Ukrainian Artists

Ivan Turetsky | Yevgeny Petrov | Mykola Bilous

Ukrainian Contemporary Art, unencumbered by censorship or restrictions, is enjoying a local revival as artists reveal a talent worthy of a broader stage. The three artists we are showing are from three very different locations. Ivan Turetsky hails from Lviv, in the far west of Ukraine, Mykola Bilous is from the capital, Kyiv, in the centre of the country and Yevgeny Petrov is from Odessa in the south. All three cities have a different atmosphere and history, reflected in their work. Bilous is more urbane, international, Petrov is humourous, poking fun at life in one of the most famous and popular Black Sea resorts. Lviv, home of Turetsky and in the foothills of the Carpathians, is very much the odd one out. Formerly Lemberg, Lviv is architecturally Austro- Hungarian, but her language and culture, unlike Odessa and Kyiv, exclusively Ukrainian. All three artists paint on a large scale for maximum effect.

Yevgeny Petrov

Mykola Bilous

Ivan Turetsky