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Soviet Art in the West: Who Needs It and Why?

The interest to art that is generally defined by an overarching term "Soviet" has been high for the last few decades. Why is the term "Soviet art" so contested, who are the people hunting it down at auctions and how can one start a collection of works by Soviet artists? Anastasia Lander of Esquire spoke with leading experts in the field, James Butterwick being one of them. Read More

We See Less Sales of Russian Avant Garde Fakes

“Not long ago 49 artworks allegedly by Natalia Goncharova were taken down from Gallery 95 Auction & Estate Sales in Hardville (SC, USA). However, overall we are beginning to see less fakes, says James Butterwick, London art dealer... Read More

Peregrine Pollen, Man of Action

As time is plentiful, I hope you will find time to read the below – reminiscences from the Art Newspaper and myself about my close friend, and former President of Sotheby’s, New York in the swinging sixties, Peregrine Pollen who died in February. Read More

“An Epidemic of Russian Fakes” by Russian Art Focus

Fascinating read at Russian Art Focus "An Epidemic of Russian Fakes". "The art world recently hailed as a major victory the acquittal of prominent British dealer of Russian art James Butterwick in a libel case". Read on... Read More

Russian Art Focus: Interview with James Butterwick

Happy New Year, everyone! For us this year starts with a wonderful article by Monica Norse at the Russian Art Focus. Described as “a flamboyant, adventurous character with strong principles, a great sense of humour and an extremely sharp... Read More

Key Things to Consider When Purchasing Art

In his recent interview to Ukrainian TV channel Zik, James Butterwick spoke about the specifics of art dealing and named 3 key principles to follow when purchasing art. Read More

Russian Art Week Auction Sales Peak at $50mln

Russian art sales during the the Russian Art Week of 25 Novemebr 2019 brought to the UK auction houses a revenue of almost $50mln. James Butterwick, an established UK art dealer in Russian and Ukrainian avant garde art, thinks the figures... Read More

The Daily Telegraph: Studio Voltaire takes its creative flair to Mayfair

London dealers James Butterwick and Alon Zakaim have unearthed a collection of 47 drawings from the Twenties by avant-garde artist Yakov Chernikhov, which display his interest in industrial architecture and abstract design. Read More

Hashtagmaastricht: TEFAF 2018 is great again!

We were quite taken by the works of Boris Kosarev in the stand of Gallery James Butterwick London. Not only were the paintings and photographs of Boris Kosarev full of color and brightness, they also had interesting shapes and sizes. Read More

союзженскихсил.рф: Джеймс Баттервик на TEFAF заново открыл нам Бориса Косарева

В марте в Маастрихте на TEFAF, главной ярмарке антиквариата мирового уровня, уже не первый раз участвовал Джеймс Баттервик, самый известный британский коллекционер, который в течение многие лет с такой любовью и терпеливостью собирает русское искусство 1880-1920-х. Read More

Antiques Trade Gazette: Exhibitor Opinion. View From The Floor

"If you're going to the premier art fair, you've got to be selling the real McCoy - I find the vetting quite reassuring, in a way". James Butterwick Read More

The Art Newspaper: When it comes to understanding authenticity, listen to the dealers and the market—not the academics

Imagine the scenario. A client buys a painting from me and wishes to resell it at auction a few years later, only to be told that the auction house cannot accept the work as it is unable to “guarantee authenticity”. The client’s next port of call would be a top dealer, but they also refuse. Where does this leave the seller? Read More