News: Faking in Russian Art

James Butterwick Lectures Go Online

A tireless campaigner against the faking of the Russian Avant Garde, James has delivered lectures in museums and institutions both nationally and internationally. As the world adjusts to the new now, we are exploring a range of new formats. Yesterday James  gave his first lecture via Zoom to The Arts Society members in Scotland, the experience that was throughly enjoyed by both the audience and the speaker. Read More

We See Less Sales of Russian Avant Garde Fakes

“Not long ago 49 artworks allegedly by Natalia Goncharova were taken down from Gallery 95 Auction & Estate Sales in Hardville (SC, USA). However, overall we are beginning to see less fakes, says James Butterwick, London art dealer... Read More

James Butterwick, The Dealer, features in the New Yorker and a Documentary

James Butterwick as "The Dealer" in a short documentary "Peter's Painting" shot in Brooklyn, featured by the New Yorker. Read on... Read More

“An Epidemic of Russian Fakes” by Russian Art Focus

Fascinating read at Russian Art Focus "An Epidemic of Russian Fakes". "The art world recently hailed as a major victory the acquittal of prominent British dealer of Russian art James Butterwick in a libel case". Read on... Read More

James Butterwick Wins Avant Garde Defamation Case

An Italian court has cleared London Russian Art dealer James Butterwick of charges of defamation brought by the organizers of the show, “Avangardie Russe dal Cubofuturismo al Suprematismo’ held in Mantua from 30.11.2013 to 23.2.2014. Read More

The International Catalogue Raisonné Association – New Initiative by the Royal Academy of Arts

Fascinating read and a long-awaited initiative from The Royal Academy of Arts in London “In a market blighted by fakes and forgeries, art experts have faced legal action and even death threats for refusing to authenticate works as original.... Read More

Lecture: James Butterwick on The Faking of the Russian Art

On June 9th at the Museum of Russian Impressionism, Moscow James Butterwick gave a lecture on The Faking of the Russian Art. Read More

Museum of Russian Impressionism: James Butterwick on The Faking of the Russian Art

Saturday, 9 June 2018, 7 pm
Museum of Russian Impressionism, Moscow Read More

The Art Newspaper: When it comes to understanding authenticity, listen to the dealers and the market—not the academics

Imagine the scenario. A client buys a painting from me and wishes to resell it at auction a few years later, only to be told that the auction house cannot accept the work as it is unable to “guarantee authenticity”. The client’s next port of call would be a top dealer, but they also refuse. Where does this leave the seller? Read More

Arkansas Center Distinguished Lecture Series – James Butterwick

The Faking of the Russian Avant-garde: A Tale of Two Markets. Thursday, December 7, 2017 at Lower Lobby Lecture Hall Read More

Il Sole 24 Ore: Avanguardie russe a rischio falsi. Come evitarli secondo il gallerista James Butterwick di Londra

An interview with James Butterwick. By Silvia Anna Barrilà Read More

ARTnews: Avant-Garde Fairy Tales. Russian Avant-Garde Research Project Seeks to Untangle Facts, Fakes, and Fictions. By Sylvia Hochfield

Specialists know that most of the Russian avant-garde works available on the market are fakes - ten times as many fakes as genuine works, said James Butterwick, who has been dealing in Russian avant-garde art in London for 20 years, and others in the field backed him up. Read More