Oleksandr Bohomazov


Rolling the Logs, 1928-1929

Watercolour on paper
25 x 30 cm

Study for the left-hand panel of the triptych Sawyers


Artist’s Family, Kyiv

Volodymyr Vitruk, Lviv

E.Dymshyts, Kyiv


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In the final five years of his life, before his death from tuberculosis, Alexander Bogomazov worked on a triptych with the subject of Sawyers. Only one of these, Sharpening the Saws, a highlight of the National Museum of Ukrainian Art, Kiev, has been on permanent public display. The second painting in the cycle, the Work of Sawyers, was badly damaged during storage and only emerged, after extensive restoration, in June 2019.  A third painting, the right hand side of the triptych, ‘Rolling the Logs’, was never completed and only compositional sketches survive. One of these studies, showing the evolution of the triptych as a whole, is in the James Butterwick Collection – it is the only known colour sketch.


Portrait of Wanda Monastyrska
Experimental Still Life
Landscape, Locomotive
Wanda in Profile
Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Yaroslava
Sawyer from behind
City Landscape
Bridge, Moscow
Absract composition
Absract composition
The Artist’s wife sleeping
Forest, Boyarka
Female Portrait (The Artist’s wife)
Woman reading
Tramway, L’vovskaya Street, Kiev
Portrait of the Artists daughter
Seated woman reading (Wanda)
Armenian Woman
Landscape, Caucasus
Memories of the Caucasus
The Artist’s Daughter Playing Diabolo
Wanda in an armchair
Still life with a carafe and a glass on a mirror
Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter, Yaroslava
Dacha, Boyarka
Landscape, Caucasus (undulating composition)
Forest, Boyarka
Wanda Looking Over Her Shoulder
Wanda reading
Self Portrait
Yaroslava playing diablo