Mikhail Vrubel


Portrait of Vova Mamontov reading, 1890’s

Pencil on paper
15 x 8 cm

Titled in Russian Вова читает книгу и видит… (Vova is reading a book and sees…) at top and Boka lower right


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A.B. Yumashev, Moscow

N.A. Sokolov, Moscow

Thence by descent

James Butterwick, Moscow


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Unusually for Vrubel, the image appears to be formed from a series of vertical pencil strokes. It is difficult to imagine that the drawing, such was the artist’s mastery of technique, took him anything other than a few minutes but the effect is stunning. From the relatively haphazard style of the vertical lines the face is a study in detail, but detail a la Vrubel. The shading shows the lightest touches of the pencil but the eyes are angular, likewise the beard. These almost cubist elements are repeated in the type face of the book that Mamontov is reading. The artist in the inscription tells the viewer that the sitter is reading but exactly what? The book is huge and on its surface are geometric motifs. How is this possible in the 1890’s? Herewith is the mystery of Vrubel revealed.