Matiros Saryan

Saryan is to all intents and purposes the founder of a modern Armenian national school of painting. Aged 15, he completed the Nakhichevan School and from 1897 to 1904 studied at the Moscow School of Arts, which included the workshops of Valentin Serov and Konstantin Korovin. He was heavily influenced by the work of Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisseand exhibited with the Blue Rose Group in Moscow.

Saryan first visited Armenia, then part of the Russian Empire, in 1901, and from 1910 to 1913 he travelled extensively in Turkey, Egypt and Iran. In 1915 he went to Echmiadzin to help refugees who had fled from the Armenian genocide; then in 1916 to Tiflis (now Tbilisi) where he married Lusik Agayan. It was here that he helped organise the Society of Armenian Artists. >> Read more


Buddhist Still Life