Liubov Popova

Another female artist and giant of the avant garde, Popova was born near Moscow into a wealthy family. Aged 11 she began formal art lessons at home with subsequent enrolment in gymnasia. By the age of 18 she was studying with Stanislav Zhukovsky, and in 1908 she entered the private studios of Konstantin Yuon and Ivan Dudin. Even more crucial for her development was the period between 1912 to 1913 that she spent at the studios of the Cubist painters Henri Le Fauconnier and Jean Metzinger at Académie de La Palette in Paris.

After first exploring Impressionism, by 1913 Popova was one of the first female pioneers of the particularly Russian development of Cubo-Futurism – a fusion of two equal influences from France and Italy. Through this, using a synthesis of styles, she worked towards what she termed ‘painterly architectonics’. >> Read more


Painterly architectronic
Architectronic Composition