Konstyantin Piskorsky

The career and work of Konstyantin Piskorsky is one of many that was lost in the Soviet maelstrom and is only now surfacing. His work evolved from flatly rendered, simplified, natural forms to original abstract compositions using bold, stylized, ornamental forms, symbolist images, and geometrics. Occasionally, he drew works based on Ukrainian folklore or literary works and was the author of unpublished mystical-philosophical texts, ‘The Bio-meter of Life’ and ‘The Time of Thought’. His short life and legacy is one that reflects the fate of many Ukrainian intellectual families post-1917, but Piskorsky left behind a body of work whose style, whilst difficult to define, fits neatly into the period of artistic experimentation prevalent in Europe after the First World War, combining Futurism, Symbolism and Abstraction.

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Preparatory sketch for: The Idol (from the series, “Worlds”)
Preparatory sketch for:  Poles. Controversy of Scientists (from the series, “Worlds”)
Preparatory sketch for:  Forest Fire
Lizaveta the Lethal. Illustration to Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov”
Preparatory sketch for:  Fruit of Paradise
Preparatory sketch for:  Parrot