Ivan Turetsky
BORN 1956

Born in 1956, Ivan Turetsky is a unique Ukrainian artist. His history is a path to perfect form, with experiments, extensive visual experience, and encyclopedic knowledge. Turetsky is an artist from Lviv, Ukraine, formerly Lvov, Lemberg, in the heart of Galicia.The work of such people breaks the stereotypes of Ukrainian Art of the Soviet and post-Soviet era – Ivan’s entry into the world of art being atypical. His parents were both artists, who worked as scenographers at the Stanislaviv drama theatre since the late 1950s, sustaining a creative atmosphere for their children: with a private collection of ethnography, pre-war items and antiquities. Ivan began his study with an analysis of Ukrainian Folk Art before moving to his own personal experiments. >> Read more


Entrance into Unknown 
Thirst for Victory
Fiery Touch