Ilya Chashnik

Ilya Chashnik was born in Lutsyn, Latvia, and studied in Vitebsk under Chagall’s former teacher Yehuda Pen in 1913. In 1919 he entered SVOMAS (Free Art Studios) in Moscow, returning to Vitebsk in September of the same year. In November, Malevich replaced Chagall as Director of the Vitebsk Art Practical Institute, and Chashnik joined UNOVIS (Champions of New Art) where, in 1920, Malevich formulated the departmental organisation. From 1920-21 Chashnik edited the UNOVIS journal before leaving Vitebsk for Petrograd in 1922, together with Malevich, Suetin, Yudin, Ermolaeva, Khidekel and others. That year, Chashnik began work at the Lomonosov State Porcelain Factory and became a member of INKHUK (Institute of Artistic Culture). By 1923, he, Malevich and Suetin were the only practitioners of Suprematism. In 1924 he helped Malevich with the construction of his architectural models, ‘architectons’. Two years later he began working on a series of his own. >> Read more


Suprematist form in horizontal motion
Red Square UNOVIS
The Seventh Dimension
Design for a Suprematist Architecton
Suprematist Composition
Vertical Axes in Motion