Alexei Pakhomov

Born in the north of Russia, Pakhomov studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts. From the middle of the 1920s, he began to achieve fame for the novelty and charm of his artistic language. He has works in all major Russian museums as well as in collections and institutions in Denmark, Italy, the US and England. Pakhomov’s work, with its monumentalist style, and its large number of subtle drawings and lithographs, had a major influence on many of his colleagues. Particularly important for the mark of this master on Russian Art was the field of book illustration, especially books for children. Pakhomov became a uniquely contemporary artist whose work is considered a classic of Russian art of the 20th century. >> Read more


Illustration to A.N. Tolstoy’s book ‘KAK NI V CHEM NE BYVALO
Illustration to A.N. Tolstoy’s book ‘KAK NI V CHEM NE BYVALO’