Alexander Deineka

Born in Kursk into the family of a railway worker, Deineka began studies at the Kharkov Art School in 1915, subsequently fighting against the White Army in the defence of Kursk during the Civil War. After further studies at VKhUTEMAS in the Army under Favorsky, he took part in the legendary ‘Group of Three’ exhibition with Goncharov and Pimenov in 1924. Deineka then became a founder member of OST (the Society of Stakhanovite Artists), whose work was Revolutionary in theme but painted in a Realist style unique for the times, using monumental figures, sharp and clever modelling and monochromic colours. His ‘Defence of Petrograd’ of 1928 is an early icon of the movement that morphed into Socialist Realism, a movement Deineka championed, especially after joining the ‘Russian Association of Proletarian Artists’ in 1931. >> Read more


Study for the Mayakovskaya Metro Station, Moscow. ‘Divers’
The Dancer Valeska Gert