Ukrainian Avant-garde Artist to be Championed at TEFAF

New article at The Art Newspaper on upcoming TEFAF show “Oleksandr Bohomazov: Ukrainian Renaissance”.

“James Butterwick is perhaps best known as a dealer in Russian avant-garde art, but in recent years he has been focusing on the market for Ukrainian artists. At Tefaf Maastricht (25-30 June), he is presenting 25 pieces by Oleksandr Bohomazov, a leading member of the Ukrainian avant-garde whose life centred on Kyiv, where one of his granddaughters still lives and his former homes have miraculously survived Russian bombardment.

The dealer, who first saw Bohomazov’s works at the Barbican in 1988, acknowledges that his push to market the artist’s work might be misinterpreted as cynical. (Butterwick is donating 15% of his Tefaf profits to Ukrainian relief funds) “Some will say I’m just doing it to sell the work,” Butterwick says. “But what I am doing is promoting a top avant garde artist. I don’t think Bohomazov is as great as [Kazimir] Malevich. But I don’t think he’s a million miles away.”

Read the full article in PDF here: The Art Newspaper June 2022, Number 346 and the online edition here.