James Butterwick Auction Highlights Review in Russian Arts and Culture Winter Guide

The Russian Art and Culture winter guide is out in time for the Russian Art Week in London that will start on 22 November 2019. James Butterwick is offering an insightful review of the Russian art on sale at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Macdougall’s, Bonhams and Bruun Rasmussen this winter.

I make no secret of my fondness for the Russian avant garde, a movement of utter brilliance that could, and should, have influenced Western European Art for centuries but the fact that Sotheby’s have resurrected a major Kliun oil, last seen at auction in 1990, is a considerable coup — James Butterwick

Read all about the Goncharova and Larionov painting style after immigration, find out why a Soviet porcelain vase reminds James of a Lord of the Rings landscape, and check, if James calculated correctly the number of cupolas on in an important Yuon landscape of Uglich.

Russian-Art-and-Culture-Winter-Guide 2019

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