Press-Release: James Butterwick is lending works to GRAD Gallery. Postponed Futures, 26 April — 24 June

Private View 25 April
26 April – 24 June 2017
GRAD, 3-4A Little Portland St, London W1W 7JB


GRAD, in collaboration with Waterside Contemporary, is proud to present Postponed Futures, an exhibition that offers an alternative perspective on early twentieth century Ukrainian avantgarde practices through the lens of contemporary Ukrainian art. Curated by Kiev-based artist Nikita Kadan, the exhibition includes historical works by twentieth century masters Aleksander Bohomazov, Vasyl Ermilov, Maria Synyakova and Aleksander Khvostenko-Khvostov, alongside collages by Lada Nakonechna, a film by Mykola Ridnyi and a sculpture by Nikita Kadan, inspired by Monument to three Revolutions by Vasyl Ermilov.


Postponed Futures displays the work by the most prolific artists of the Ukrainian avant-garde and of three renowned and active contemporary artists. It attempts to view avant-garde through contemporary art – and, in turn, contemporary art through avant-garde. This exhibition is based on the firm belief that, in telling the history of the arts, one must also tell the history of society – therefore, this exhibition is also about Ukraine; the Ukraine of today and of a century ago.

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